Because it only matters when the victims are rich and white

You know which group really annoys me?

People who think that the September 11 attacks were a uniquely horrible moment, with a mystical importance beyond the reactions they provoked. People who\’re willing to ignore thousands of years of human savagery and brutality, not to mention all the horrible abuses inflicted in ours and others\’ names in the last 50 years. People who think that somehow the fact that this time the innocent victims were American stockbrokers in a skyscraper makes the attack morally different from all the other abuses that have been perpetrated against civilians of all nationalities and classes.

People who talk crap like this, in short:

The images cant be swept under the carpet but equally they musnt be abused. They are a breakaway moment in history. The world pre 9/11 and the world after it.

Oh, fuck off. I can just about forgive this reaction in Americans – they have spent rather a long time cocooned from the suffering of people elsewhere, and the knowledge that they\’re just as vulnerable as El Salvadorians or Grenadans or Vietnamese must have come as a nasty shock. Among non-Americans, it\’s hysterical bullshit.

4 thoughts on “Because it only matters when the victims are rich and white

  1. Earl Jackson says:

    I like the cut of your gib young man! You seem able to express exactly what many of us are thinking. Good man!

  2. N.I.B. says:

    No PDF, admitting bad stuff happens to people who aren’t like you, often at the hands of people who are like you, makes you a self hating liberal.

    Incidentally, I’m old enough to remember when people were understandably very angry about a thing called ‘Noraid’. You don’t hear much about that in the ‘liberal msm’ any more, do you? I wonder why that might be? I mean, what with their anti-American bias and everything, you’d think they’d be all over it!

  3. Jim says:

    I think that a great deal of the impact of 11/9 may have arisen because it played out live on telly.

  4. Chris b says:

    Remember the logic, if people are rich / powerful / control resources / famous they matter.
    If they’re poor / powerless etc. no-one really gives a shit.
    Remember the furore when Kennedy got shot? What did it actually matter?
    The US can change president every four years anyway and he wasn’t that far off
    getting impeached before he got whacked… sigh

    I’m always amazed when individuals expect groups to react in a moral way
    that aligns with their own personal morals… Life doesn’t work that way…
    Just try playing the prisoners dilemma game with another player who ‘doesn’t get it’,
    the group dynamic gets warped….

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