If this website strikes a chord with you, then you\’re a cunt.

Anyone who doesn\’t understand the problem should reflect on the phrase \”without us you\’d be speaking German\”, and then briefly consider why Americans are so resoundingly hated in every country that they believe themselves to have bravely saved from a terrible fate.

I hope that isn\’t the route Denmark, or indeed anywhere else in Europe,. seriously wants to follow…

3 thoughts on “Unedifying

  1. CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS! We all know that “not all” Muslims are terrorists,Right?
    BUT! How come ALL terrorists ARE MUSLIMS??????????
    Can you explain it?… We sure can´t??

    No, but I can refute it, you tits. Maybe you’ve heard of the IRA? Or ETA? Or November 17?

    Logic almost as hilarious as their punctuation…


  2. Matthew says:

    Bloody hell…
    “We strongly want to CLEARLY point out,that our cause is with the fundamental religion of Islam and with that we IN NO WAY SUPPORT ANY RACIST ACTIVITY!”

    Bizarrely it won’t let me copy the page you link to, but it rants on about paying their bills, and giving them this and that
    while they refused to work. How queer.

  3. Chris b says:

    snigger, made me laugh out loud, probably for all the wrong reasons

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