Hang these sick butchers

Animal cruelty prosecutions annoy me. When some drunken chav microwaves a hedgehog or kicks a squirrel to death, it\’s hardly an activity worth wasting taxpayers\’ money on prosecuting – and indeed, it\’s a completely hypocritical nonsense until the day we all become vegans.

However, the latest such prosecution is truly scraping the barrel: a man has been prosecuted for blowing up a dog with a firework. Even though the dog was dead before he found it. For fuck\’s sake: even those non-vegetarians who are too squeamish and pathetic to kill animals themselves are happy to desecrate animal corpses in the kitchen. Are chefs and butchers now going to face prosecution?

If it means we can jail Jamie Oliver, I\’m up for it.

One thought on “Hang these sick butchers

  1. Larry Teabag says:

    I think there’s a good deterrent argument for prosecuting the occasional chav who’s tortured an animal to death. Even though it is hypocritical, I don’t think it’s nonsense.

    On the other fucking about with dead animals you find, is healthy, normal, and to be encouraged.

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