Made for each other

The fervent defence of an Afghan\’s religious freedom sounds somehow less convincing when made by someone who despises almost all Afghans and believes they\’re savage \’Koranimals\’.

Yes, killing people for their religion is clearly backward. Despising people for their religion, and advocating a genocidal nuclear war against them on the basis of their religion is, err, the same. You tit.

5 thoughts on “Made for each other

  1. 01-811-8055 says:

    Do you ever wonder if blogs like that aren’t actually written by crazy jihadists who then use them as recruitment tools?

    Nutter: We need to declare war on the West! They want to nuke us!
    Punter: Oh do give over, of course they don’t…
    Nutter: No, look at this web site I just ‘found’! And this one! And this other one over here! See, they *actually do* want to drop the H Bomb on us!
    Punter: Shit, you’re right! Count me in!

  2. Earl Jackson says:

    But the crazy jihadists wouldn’t be crazy then, would they?

  3. 01-811-8055 says:

    Damn, you’re right. I think.

    Better nuke them, then – that’ll teach them to pose conundrums.

  4. Ryan says:

    I thought the Afghani was the currency used in Afghanistan, by the Afghans?

  5. PDF says:

    Yeah, but I bet the author hates their money too.

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