We don\’t hate foreigners, only Arabs

I imagine there\’ll be a massive outcry in the US about foreign company BAE Systems\’ bid for security contractor L3.

No, wait, I don\’t imagine that at all: the people who run BAE Systems are white.

Incidentally, I suspect the companies most pissed off by the Dubai Ports World comedy shennanigans will be Boeing and General Electric. The fastest-growing international airline is Emirates, owned by the Dubai government. Yup, the same Dubai government that the US just racistly humiliated.

According to the Telegraph, in an article published a couple of weeks ago (but researched, I strongly suspect, earlier):

Boeing is also in talks with Emirates, the Dubai flag-carrier about building a bigger version of the 787 – called the 787-10 – which would have about 300 seats. According to [Boeing spokesman] Bair, \”it\’s not going to be a matter of if we are going to do it, it\’s a matter of when.\”

Hmm. £many says they\’ll go for a 300-seater A350 instead…

2 thoughts on “We don\’t hate foreigners, only Arabs

  1. I have to take issue with you here: it is not the colour of their skin that is the issue here, it is the issue of culture, i.e. Islam. This may be culturist or something, but it isn’t racist.


  2. PDF says:

    Yeah, you’re probably right: any bidder from a Muslim country would probably have got the same shit no matter what their skin colour was. Still, if you can get away with calling anti-Americanism racist (no great shortage of advocates, from Paul Johnson to Christopher Hitchens; there might even be some sane non-drunks making the same argument, although I can’t be arsed to check), hating Dubai on the grounds that a majority of the population share the same religion as Osama seems an equally valid candidate for the term.

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