America: the place to go for a fair trial

In an interview Monday with CNN, Moussaoui\’s mother, Aicha El Waifi, said she doubted her son could receive a fair hearing. \”The only thing that I do hope is that my son will not be used as a scapegoat,\” she said. – USA Today

Didn\’t you get the memo, Mrs El Waifi? US justice is perfect when it comes to people accused of terrorism. We\’re so confident in US justice that we\’re willing to extradite British citizens who\’ve done nothing illegal [*] there, safe in the knowledge that they\’ll get a fair trial.

No, Mrs El Waifi, the suggestion that a bunch of paranoid Virginians who\’ve got a scary-looking Arab Muslim French lunatic in front of them, who\’ve seen five years of propaganda falsely implying that he was involved in the September 11 plot, and who\’ve just had a load of angry September 11 relations paraded in front of them for full emotional impact, would make anything other than a fair decision is simply outrageous. Indeed, it\’s practically terrorism itself…

[*] although urging Muslims to join the jihad might well become illegal soon, it currently isn\’t.

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