Those Iranian Holocaust cartoons

Danish paper Jyllands-Posten, being a right-wing tract that doesn\’t actually care about free speech, reneged on its original offer to print the Holocaust cartoons published in Iran\’s Hamshari newspaper. Pigdogfucker has no such qualms.

About half of the Iranian cartoons are Holocaust-denialist, and about half are saner works about Israel\’s status as racist oppressor and occupier. They are all offensive, to differing degrees, and they are all rubbish. They\’re arranged roughly in descending order of sanity over the fold.

More impressive and far funnier than the Iranian competition, though, is\’s take on the whole affair. It\’s run by a pair of Jewish cartoonists who feel that Jews ought to be far better than these Gentile upstarts at antisemitic cartoonery. If you\’re Jewish and fancy a bit of antisemitic scribbling, you\’ve got until March 5 to enter. I especially like this one.

So, what about those rubbish Iranian cartoons, then? –

Holocaust deniers being led off in chains :

West Bank as concentration camp:

Palestinians as concentration camp victims:

The Holocaust lobby as a ringmaster leading the guillible into error (so now it\’s getting nasty):

Steven Spielberg tries to recruit Peter Jackson for his Holocaust hoax:

Two very stereotypical Jewish types inflate the Auschwitz death toll by counting dead non-Jews:

And Hitler in bed with Anne Frank (does this one even have a message?):

For some of these, I\’ve only been able to track down versions to which the extremists at Israel News Agency have attached a rather offensive disclaimer. Guys, if you\’re going to protest against the ignorant stereotyping of religious and ethnic groups, suggesting that the cartoons illustrate \”Islamic racist hate and incitement to violence against all other religions\” merely proves that you\’re a bunch of hypocritical dicks.

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