I\’ve got to stop reading warblogs

These people are genuinely paranoically delusional. Fucking chill out!

(and yes, linking to the last post is slightly unfair: the guy\’s an autistic, paranoid, war-supporting BNP member who believes Melanie Phillips\’ writings on MMR, so taking the piss out of him is rather like machine-gunning a barrel of pickled herrings).

9 thoughts on “I\’ve got to stop reading warblogs

  1. N.I.B. says:

    Niiicee… I like the way they’re almost itching for something really bad to happen (10000+ killed, or even better a whole city, but preferably French if possible, thanks) so that everyone will come round to their point of view.

    Now, don’t they call this suggesting bad things might happen to people called ‘projection’?

    Or is it only projection if you’re (shudder) of ‘The Left’?

  2. Explain the bit where we’re all delusional, please. I’d genuinely like to know.

    And as far as ‘itching for something bad to happen’, no we’re not. The bad things already happened, and are happening all over the world. The delusion only exists on the part of those who are pretending they haven’t…

  3. Gareth says:

    You wrote;

    “and yes, linking to the last post is slightly unfair: the guy’s an autistic, paranoid, war-supporting BNP member who believes Melanie Phillips’ writings on MMR, so taking the piss out of him is rather like machine-gunning a barrel of pickled herrings.”

    Well, if i may be so bold as to respond;

    Im aspergic, not autistic. If you can receive channel 5 where you are, you might like to watch “The Real Rainman” which is on monday at 9PM. Im not as aspergic as him, nor as gifted, but you have my permission to take the piss as an equal if you like, i don’t mind.

    Regarding MMR and more broadly mercury in vaccines, I did say clearly that I have read research on the subject that was collated by my ex who is autistic and who was paid to speak at conferences on the matter. She may be vaccine damaged, has lots of autism/mercury damage in her family, and has had tests done on her to measure toxicity in the blood. I don’t “believe” Melanie, i concur.

    A claim of being paranoid is hard to disprove, but mercury is a ridiculously poisonous material, and injecting it in babies is less intelligent than injecting lead, as lead is less toxic. This is before any considerations of the unintended effects of the vaccine itself, of course.

    You may think injecting it reasonable, i do not. Paranoid? Sensible?

    War supporting? I vacillate on the subject. Im bright enough not to declare definitively what i think the right thing was to do overall, because i don’t know, though i do tentatively air on the side of it which is contrary to BNP policy. When it narrows down to what we should do in specific circumstances now the war is afoot, that is easier to decide.


  4. N.I.B. says:

    Yeah, yeah, bad things have happened… But it’s going to be *nukes* next time. It’s all going to be *much* worse! Then we’ll be sorry!

  5. Yeah thats’s it dude, treat a raving religious maniac who is aiming at having nukes and who follows a Cult which says the Messiah is about to return in the wake a massive armageddon as a bit of a giggle. Those wacky Rightwingers are just making it all up, naturally, after all good little Lefties don’t believe in nuclear warfare so it cant affect you at all, right?

    You’re a bunch of ostriches who think the act of sticking your heads in the sand is not only morally superior, but somehow ‘cool’ as well. Bit sad, really.

  6. N.I.B. says:

    It only takes a couple of changed words to turn all that into something the crazy jihadists would come up with. Or, in other words, far from sticking my head in the sand I’m actually scared shitless of what BOTH SIDES might do. Or, at least, as scared shitless as someone who’s survived the cold war can be.

    …But I guess I shouldn’t say any of that because it’s ‘moral equivaluence’. So just dismiss me as just another one of those silly little lefties who deserve to be blown up – along with the French, oh please, please, the French!

  7. Larry Teabag says:

    Indeed, I feel double-penetrated by the raving religious maniacs in my front orifice, and the wacky Rightwingers (who use the raving religious maniacs as an excuse to slaughter as many Ayrabs as humanly possible) in my rear.

  8. PDF says:

    Fortunately, the importance of both is rabidly exaggerated. Iran’s rulers don’t like the Yanks or the Jews, sure, but they also appear to have no desire to start a nuclear war. Ditto Israel’s rulers and the Iranians. It’s business as usual; the only reason to go scaremongering is to sell papers or win people over to your dubious political agenda, and the only reason to be scared is because you believe the hacks (of both varieties).

    The really crazy jihadists don’t have any power to do anything significant, and nobody would gain from letting them have it. The not-so-crazy Islamists runing Iran and now Palestine would lose particularly badly if they gave the crazy jihadists power or resources (well, beyond funding for the low-tech kit the crazy jihadists require to annoy the Americans in Iraq).

    Meanwhile, the Yanks (in the sense of the-people-who-run-America, not the-mouth-breathing-redneck-bigots who write warblogs) have given up on the idea of gunpoint democracy: the invade Iran! Invade Syria! brigade have no political say following their last fuck-up (well, except the ones who’ve changed their tune: ideas die, politicians just surf the ideas wave). Every 40 years or so, America needs to be reminded that wars are generally rubbish and don’t do any good. Iraq has taught them this lesson and then some…

    So the reasons to be optimistic are substantial, and the reasons to be pessimistic are minimal. Sure, there will be many more terrorist attacks on the scale of July 7. There will be a few more terrorist attacks on the scale of Madrid or Bali. There might be a couple on the scale of September 11. But it isn’t actually feasible to do anything much beyond that, which means you’re still more likely to die from crossing the road than from exploding-fanaticality.

    (terrorism works when it’s unexpected as in the US in 2001, or when cells are so small that there’s nobody to cop out/grass/get busted by mistake, as in the UK last year. The kind of serious-death assault that occasionally gets mooted (nuclear suitcase bombs, etc) would require a conspiracy far too large to not get busted. Even September 11 featured enough warning signs (like, they arrested Moussaoui on his way to flying lessons…) that it only happened because nobody in America seriously thought a homeland terrorist attack was possible.)

    And to surmise, this is why I rate people like DSD as paranoid.

  9. Jez says:

    They’re like all those survivalists in their bunkers with five years’ supplies of corned beef and cheesy whatsits, almost hoping for armageddon.

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