Moral equivalence

Tampon Teabag has a nice bit of Guantanamo satire. This extract makes no sense out of context, but I like it anyway:

\”Your son, today he come to my shop and he try buy alcohol and porny-magazine. I tell him no, and he start shouting. He break things in my shop. I tell him stop, stop, please stop. But he not stop. He say his father police chief and he can do what he want. He break window. I call police, they tell me call you. What you do about it?\”

Semi-relatedly, anyone found using the term \”moral equivalence\” non-parodically ought to be shot seven times in the head. It inevitably means \”I agree with everything the US and Israeli governments do, everything they do is glorious and wonderful, and therefore anyone who suggests their actions are similar to those taken by famous bad people and dictators is a scumbag. Even if their actions do appear similar to those taken by famous bad people and dictators. Oh, and I\’m also a pretentious cunt\”.

2 thoughts on “Moral equivalence

  1. Larry Teabag says:

    Cheers. I thought “moral equivalence” meant “It’s not as bad as Auschwitz, and anything which isn’t as bad as Auschwitz is ok by be. Oh, and I’m also a pretentious cunt.”

  2. 01-811-8055 says:

    Or, shorter, it means “Ouch, I don’t like that analogy much, but I can’t think of a good reply.”

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