John Howard is a murderer

Some Aussies have been convicted of heroin trafficking in Indonesia. Unsurprisingly, Indonesia being a barbaric third-world hellhole, the footsoldiers have been sentenced to life imprisonment and the ringleaders have been sentenced to death.

Obviously executing people for supplying substances is about as sensible and proportionate as crucifying people for jaywalking, but barbaric third-world hellholes are entitled to make their own rules. Australia, however, is not a barbaric third-world hellhole. It has decided that imposing the death penalty for supplying substances, or indeed for anything else, is a scummy act which serves only to trivialise and cheapen human life. Good for it.

It\’s a bit of a shame, then, that when the Aussies found out about the operation, they decided to kill these poor buggers. The government passed the gang\’s details onto Indonesian coppers, rather than arresting them on arrival into Australia and trying them in a justice system that broadly understands the meaning of the word…

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