Jyllands Posten are a hypocritical bunch of cunts

The glorious Danish champion of free speech (as long as you\’re slating Mohammed and not Jesus), Jyllands-Posten, has fired its culture editor because he wanted to print the retaliatory Iranian cartoons about the Holocaust. This increases my respect for the culture editor substantially, and confirms my suspiction that the newspaper\’s management are a load of craven fuckwits.

The Holocaust and Mohammed should both be joked about. If you think that neither should be joked about, that\’s fair enough, although I\’d rather not go to the pub with you. If you think one should be joked about and not the other, then you\’re a disgusting hypocrite who thoroughly deserves to be gassed.

3 thoughts on “Jyllands Posten are a hypocritical bunch of cunts

  1. ABC says:

    You’re a sad bastard. Go and have a look round Auschwitz and then see how funny you think gassing g people is.

    You have the right to say whatever you like, but it doesn’t mean you should.

    Grow up and get a life.

  2. PDF says:

    Got one, thanks.

    Just for clarification, though, do you fall into the “no sense of humour” or “disgusting hypocrite” category?

    (and if you’ve come here via Hutton, then I’m distressed: I thought his people understood the glories of Bad Taste).

  3. Barnze says:

    I reckon nothing should be hidden from comedy..Just a few lefty idiots getting on their high horse about fuck all again!

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