Nowt so queer as Norfolk

Here are two recent police photofits issued by the Norfolk police – a would-be burglar and a would-be child abductor:



No further comment.

4 thoughts on “Nowt so queer as Norfolk

  1. A policeman who didn’t want to be named said of the first one something like: “if he really looks like that we shouldn’t have too much trouble finding him”.

  2. Matthew says:

    The latter might be a well known libertarian blogger.

  3. Hey, can I pinch this for my site? With a credit.
    I found you through They seem to think we’re soulmates. I’m an Aussie living in Paris. Blog every fucking day. I think you’d enjoy my site. Have a look at the story and comments under “5 Weird Things About Me” on the front page (Club Mad).
    Oh yeah…your site sucks! Just kidding.
    BTW I ran a photo of “The World’s Longest Turd” (sitting in the toilet bowl) on my front page two weeks ago and Technorati ignored me for 10 days. C’est drole, huh? cheers mate, Mal.

  4. Uncle Pervy says:

    Yeah, Mal has a great site, everyone should pop in and say hello.

    How come both those guys look like me???

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