A selection of ha-has

Oh-so-brave-Danish-right-wing-paper rejected offensive cartoons of Jesus in case they caused a fuss (via). Oh-so-terrible-licensing-rules cut [*] drink-related crime.

[*] yes, OK – the evidence only says \”probably didn\’t raise\”, since there were other factors involved and since I normally and rightly slate recorded crime figures for being less accurate than the British Crime Survey. Still, a little gloating\’s OK, right?

One thought on “A selection of ha-has

  1. […] The glorious Danish champion of free speech (as long as you’re slating Mohammed and not Jesus), Jyllands-Posten, has < ahref=”http://www.editorsweblog.org/print_newspapers/2006/02/holocaust_cartoons_jyllands_posten_cultu.php”>fired its culture editor because he wanted to print Iranian cartoons about the Holocaust. This increases my respect for the culture editor substantially, and makes me think that the newspaper’s managementa re a craven bunch of fuckwits. […]

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