Dear weird Islamist extremists

Please can you declare jihad on drooling fuckwits who use phrases like \”the government is firmly under the control of Gramscians \”? Failing that, anyone who uses the phrase \”Gramscian\” outside of sociology (except for taking the piss out of maniacs who think society is being destroyed by a liberal plot, natch) would do. Fuck, I\’m even prepared to sacrifice the sociologists here…

Actually, I\’m almost tempted to suggest you should set up a fucking Islamist state. Yes, it\’d suck, but at least bigoted dickheads like this one would shut the fuck up. Remind me not to read right-wing blogs ever; these people are not sane. They live in a society which is really, blatantly, obviously free and liberal and not beseiged by marauding mentalists and crazies (aside from their occasional appearance on the news, being arrested and jailed because they\’ve moved on from frothing to commiting actual crimes), and yet they go on as if we were ruled by some kind of bizarre Caliphate re-enactment society. And then lie that the economy\’s being fucked by Gordon\’s evil schemes… yeah, that whole \”14 consecutive years of economic growth thing\” is a bummer, innit?

Look, we\’ve got the money, the beer and the bacon. Ethnic minority groups still have a shit time of it. Take your pathetic white middle-class male pseudo-victimhood and shove it.

2 thoughts on “Dear weird Islamist extremists

  1. 01-811-8055 says:

    Well there’d be no binge drinking, for starters. And thieves would get their hands cut off. And women definitely wouldn’t be allowed to drive.

    So I don’t know why they’re not all for it, really.

  2. dsquared says:

    on a factual point …

    [as long as NHS Direct insists that callers must first divulge their ethnic status before they can be helped, there are more profound issues at stake than mere matters of efficiency.]

    this has never happened to me at all.

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