Who\’s insane?

\”In the old days\”, says WSJ loonalist Peggy Noonan, \”that would be 20 years ago, there were two great actors in the world, and in their own rough bottom line way they understood each other. America would not nuke Russia because it was not evil; Russia would not nuke America because it was not crazy. There was an ugly stability to it.\”

In strict logical terms, Ms Noonan\’s sentence merely states that the USSR was not crazy and the USA was not evil. However, there seems to be some kind of implicit comment going on. The implicit comment, if we assume that Ms Noonan is in any way coherent, could be intepreted as \”Russia and America were neither crazy nor evil\”, or \”Russia was evil and America was crazy\”. I state, you judge…

2 thoughts on “Who\’s insane?

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  2. Chris b says:

    The actual principle was MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), the hypothesis being (and largely proved to be correct) that if there were two players (or groups of players) neither group would press
    the button as the other party would also press the button if you did at which point you both
    ceased to exist.

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