Prostitution is legal in the UK

Soliciting and kerb-crawling are illegal in the UK. But being a prostitute is not, and visiting a prostitute is not. Visiting a prostitute is legal even if they\’re working in an illegal establishment (and it would seem Mark Oaten\’s acquaintance was legal here anyway). And opposing street prostitution while visiting a non-street prostitute is perfectly logically and morally consistent.

Sure, feel free to slate Mark Oaten. But if you do, be aware that you\’re condemning him either because you don\’t think people who (legally) visit prostitutes should be allowed positions of power, or because you don\’t think people who (legally) commit adultery should be allowed positions of power. These are the only two arguments you can use; the one about hypocrisy is bollocks.

2 thoughts on “Prostitution is legal in the UK

  1. Jim Bliss says:

    Sorry but that’s bollocks. Pure and simple.

    I have never and would never “slate” Mark Oaten for the revelations of the past week, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have legitimate objections to him being allowed a position of power (though really… Lib Dems? Power? Hmmm…)

    Far be it for me to play pop-psychologist here, but Mark Oaten is a married man with two children who had a secret, ongoing affair with a male prostitute. He then announced his decision to run for the leadership of the third largest political party in the country, fully aware of what that would imply with regards to press scrutiny of his private life. I fail to see how you can argue that this man is not exhibiting powerfully self-destructive behaviour, almost certainly stemming from his long-term repression of his sexuality.

    I believe that given the right therapist and a supportive network of friends and family Mark Oaten could be a happier person in 3 years than he’s ever been in his entire life. But I wouldn’t want him running a major political party during that time – indeed I suspect that remaining in public life will make his emotional problems almost impossible to solve.

  2. Stevo in Taichung says:

    There was a case last week in which a copper got sacked for shagging a bird in his car, his superiors were very critical of his letting the side down and how other policemen would be shocked at his antics. Nobody seems to give a fuck if an MP is caught doing the wild thing with some tart or rentboy, in fact we have got the stage where we actually expect it.

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