Worse than even a French bank

Jay Lee is a vile, despicable racist bigot. The world would be a better place if he, like all his kind, were dead. The thought that when I board a train it might be driven by Mr Lee fills me with disgust. And the fact that the utterly insaniac libel laws put a trade union at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of pounds for pointing out the obvious is even worse.

Similarly, anyone defending Jay Lee\’s fuhrer, the delectable Nick Griffin on \”free speech\” grounds is a moron. Mr Griffin isn\’t on trial for saying he doesn\’t like the blacks or the Asians. If he had merely said that he didn\’t like the blacks and the Asians and that they ought to be sent home, he would have committed no crime and faced no charges.

No, he\’s on trial for telling a gang of wound-up Jay-Lee-a-likes that Muslims are compelled by their religion to drug and rape white children. That isn\’t free speech – it\’s a blood libel. It\’s inciting these embittered halfwits to go out and murder brown people. And that\’s fire-in-a-theatre speech, not free speech.

3 thoughts on “Worse than even a French bank

  1. shiva says:

    You have a lot to learn



  2. “I would claim that nasty nick understates islam”

    You’re well worth ignoring then.

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