Obvious prostitution point

Diane Taylor is Sensible. Julie Bindel is Not.

2 thoughts on “Obvious prostitution point

  1. irritant says:

    Any thoughts on Joan Smith’s item on prostitution in this week’s New Statesman?
    shortened link: http://tinyurl.com/dj94u

  2. PDF says:

    Yes. She’s an idiot. In particular, she makes the same fallacious point as Bindel: conflating the fact that a number of women greater than 0 are illegal immigrants who were forcibly trafficked into prositution, with the fact that the majority of women working in prostitution in the UK are illegal immigrants.

    Should anyone produce evidence that a number of women greater than *very very small* are being forcibly trafficed into prostitution, then I’ll be interested: even then, this is an argument for raiding and locking up more of the slave-traffickers and providing better support to the victims, not for banning prostitution in general.#

    As an aside, I noticed the “British men are rapists” headline in the New Statesman and almost bought it since I thought it would be about something worthwhile like the appallingly high prevalence of date-rape/acquantaince rape/club-based sexual assault, not some regurgitated made-up bollocks about hookers. Very glad you saved me the money.

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