Posted on January 14, 2006

Healing with poetry

I think that Parched Spirits is a parody. Even if it isn\’t, I still intend to believe that it is. Good effort, \’Olivia Harris\’.

In other news, Sid James is hanged

So, if you\’re a bored CCTV operator, and you zoom your camera at a fit girl\’s un-net-curtained living room, then it\’s certainly true that you\’re a sleazy sub-Carry-On dodgy person. However, the idea that you\’ve seriously harmed anyone is fucking laughable. So the fact that some Scousers have been sent to jail for doing precisely the above is ludicrous.

Quoth lunatic judge re \’the victim\’: \”her life has almost been ruined, her self-confidence entirely destroyed\”. Bollocks. If your self-confidence is so fragile that some dubious chav with a video camera can destroy it, you shouldn\’t be let out on your own in the first place. We have lithium and fluoxetine for people who suffer from such problems; jailing those who barely impinge on their life is not a sensible substitute.

Dying at the Hajj: news why?

It happens every fucking year, and in the unlikely event that Allah isn\’t some kind of amusing fairy tale, all involved will go to heaven. So why do we bother making a big deal out of it?