Greasy dagoes *will* rape your womenfolk

Oh, come on: the Express are just taking the piss now:

4 thoughts on “Greasy dagoes *will* rape your womenfolk

  1. Al says:

    They’ve been using that headline generator again.

  2. Chris b says:

    I never knew that Scots were actually outside the EU?
    Bit harsh forcing the poor woman to pose with her abuser….

  3. Alf Garnett says:

    I fuckin hate dagoes and greasy spics. They are cheating wankers and look like poofters aka figo and ronaldo. I fucking hate wops too.

  4. chrissi says:

    alf garnett you are an uneducated racist…being hispanic myself i do not appreciate being called a spic or a dagoe. im sure you would not like to be referred to in such a belittling manner.

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