Media fuck up, bombers unaffected

My attention is brought to an interesting site which points out that the media reports of how the July 7 bombers got to London were clearly bollocks. The train departure board from Luton that morning shows that one of the alleged bomber-transporting trains didn\’t run, while the other was over 20 minutes late.

Although it\’s tempting to assume this means an Extreme Cover Up, it seems far more likely that the hacks are lazy bastards and the coppers have better things to do just after a terrorist attack than check out train times before saying \”yeah, that sounds about right\” to hacks who call them for info. If you\’re a London-bombing terrorist, even quite a shit one, that you\’ll turn up at the station in plenty of time in case things go wrong – so the bombers will have caught a delayed train way ahead of the reported 7:40/7:48 one (which is the last one they could have taken had it been running, and had it not been half an hour late, respectively).

Annoyingly, neither Thameslink nor Midland Mainline (the two companies to run trains from Luton to London) have CCTV on their trains. And the police mightn\’t ever catch anyone directly enough implicated with the July 7 bombs for this evidence to be disputed in court anyway. Even so, I\’m seriously hoping some of this will come up at the 21 July non-bombers\’ trial (assuming Tony doesn\’t have it held in secret with baying Sun-reading 7 July victims\’ families taking the role of judges and jury).

3 thoughts on “Media fuck up, bombers unaffected

  1. dsquared says:

    Hmmmm, this might rehabilitate my “Beau Geste” theory, previously comprehensively refuted by Jarndyce.

    I would suggest that a “non-extreme” cover-up is the most likely explanation; that in fact the disinfomation has been put into the public domain because nos amis les flics are on the trail of someone else and don’t wish to advise him of that fact. This is the usual reason for putting out disinfo. The accepted methodology in these cases (I have no evidence to prove this at all btw) is that the bad guy will show up in a series of binbags in the Regents’ Canal.

  2. dsquared says:

    actually on second thoughts this is less whelming than I thought. These guys were around before the bombings and they aren’t now, so either they’ve “disappeared” in some manner or (rather more likely a priori) they did in fact die on the trains on 7/7. If they died on the trains, then really who cares how they got to KX; it’s not going to affect the case that the reason they were on the trains is that they were the bombers.. If they weren’t on the trains then the issue of “where are they then” is the key one, so AFAICS the only direction in which this theory can possibly be going is one under which four people have been made to “disappear” by the security services, for which there is currently no evidence at all and no prospect of getting any. You can tell that this is decent parapolitical research from the fact that it is completely confusing and not going anywhere.

  3. Chris b says:

    Frankly LU is more than capable or making me think another bombing might
    be a great idea, preferably at the main picket line on Monday casually concealed
    in Bob Crow’s rectal cavity……

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