A serious one

Software patents are bad. If you don\’t understand why, visit the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure. If you do, then vote for The Campaign for Creativity as Europe\’s worst lobbyist (they\’re a Microsoft front posing as an NGO and lobbying in favour of restrictive IP controls) and vote for FFII founder Florian Muller for silicon.com Man of the Year. Incidentally, if you vaguely give a monkey\’s about IT, you could do worse than reading Silicon.com – it\’s not a bad site, albeit not quite up there with El Reg.

3 thoughts on “A serious one

  1. Ryan says:

    I didn’t understand why, and now I do, so have enlightened at least one drowsy mind…

    But you mean “Vote for The Campaign for Creativity as Europe’s worst lobbyist” – the poll
    being run by Corporate Europe Observatory, who are clearly excellent.

  2. Doormat says:

    Hehe. It seems like the vote has been taken over by:

    a) PDF and others calling for Florian Muller;

    b) One massive Apple love-in.

    European software patents are a great example of why the European parliament is a good thing, and why the commision is a bad thing…

  3. PDF says:

    Oops, thanks Ryan.

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