Ignore da police

If Pigdogfucker were to call for the reintroduction of the death penalty, but only for people who murder the proprietors of offensive websites, that would be a pretty lame piece of hypocrisy.

It\’s not surprising, given that Lord Stevens is a terrible man who holds wrong-headed opinions about every subject on which it is possible to do so, that he\’s been expounding precisely this hypocritical suggestion about people who top his fellow coppers.

Relatedly, can everyone shut the fuck up about Sharon Beshenivsky now? Her death is sad for her family, but matters not in the slightest on a wider scale. The only reason the police get get paid more than people in other equally low-skilled jobs is because of the additional risk involved, and people factor this in when they accept the role – just as rally drivers know they might die of crashing into things.

Indeed, killing a copper should really be viewed as less serious than killing someone who didn\’t volunteer to be a target…

7 thoughts on “Ignore da police

  1. “I know now that capital punishment is the only major way left for the majority of right-thinking people to fight against the minority of monsters in our midst.”

    Lord preserve us from “right-thinking people”!

  2. Matthew says:

    I’m inclined to agree, but I can’t, merely because the linked article contains a quote from Chris Woodhead.

  3. Larry Teabag says:

    I’m pretty sick of policemen telling the rest of us what laws we should have. Lord Stevens, Ian Blair, and the Copper’s Blog have all been pissed me off on this subject recently. It’s a bit like the army deciding which countries we should invade. These fuckers should shut up and do their job.

  4. M@ says:

    Hmmm I think the army *should* decide what contries we invade. Currently we wouldn’t be invading any countries if that were the case. Or if we were they’d be nice tropical ones like bermuda, the dominican republic or bali, unlike the rat infested one we’re currently engaged in. To be fair belize & oman aren’t all bad :) News of the worl covered this under the fact that Lord Stevens must be right ‘cos he’s a Lord. (I only read the now as it was all that was available) Anyone want to point out a Lord who’s been wrong in the past? Oh and Archer doesn’t count… 😛

  5. JayVee says:

    What difference does it make who you kill. A life is a life whether it is a
    child,policeman or just a man in the street. You must accept the consequences for
    your actions and if that means the death penalty then so be it.

    Bring back the Death Penalty, empty the prisons of the scum who commit muder.
    Stop treating the bastards who commit these crimes as victims it makes me sick to my
    stomach at some of the sentences handed out by the lily livered judges in this country.

    Nuff Said

  6. PDF says:

    “lily livered judges” – list six such cases, including details of the crime and the jodge’s logic in being (as yu see it) excessively lenient. Then we’ll talk.

  7. George Hale says:

    Or alternatively, when police officers assault/murder people, the offence should be treated with the same seriousness as assaulting/killing a police officer.

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