Moronic campaigners

Ideally, any under-16 who got pregnant would automatically be given an abortion. This would reduce the amount of misery, suffering and general badness involved, as well as seriously cutting the chav-crime rate in 12 years\’ time.

Sadly, that kind of thing is unfashionable these days. Nonetheless, allowing a girl to choose to have an abortion without telling her parents is a good idea. If they\’re the kind of pro-life fanatics who\’d try and get her to have the baby, then they shouldn\’t be involved in that (or indeed, any other) decision. If they aren\’t, then she\’ll probably tell them. Overall, the current situation has no downside unless you\’re a pro-life fanatic, in which case you should probably fuck off anyway.

Also, the campaign\’s backer, a woman named Sue Axon, may well be the most embarrassing parent ever. Imagine if you were a teenage girl, and your mum kept going on the telly to say she was worried that you were a dirty slut but weren\’t telling her (yes, I know this isn\’t quite what Ms Axon is actually saying, but it\’s sure as hell how I\’d interpret it if I were either her insecure kid or a total bastard in the same class as her insecure kid…)

2 thoughts on “Moronic campaigners

  1. That’s not necessarily as embarrassing to a teenage daughter as the fact that her mother’s email address must be confused quite a lot with that of an ancient second rate heavy metal band:

  2. Doormat says:

    A suggestion to Mrs Axon and other parents with her views: not bothering to find out that your daughter is having (possibly underage) unprotected sex completely excludes you from having any say in whether said daughter can have an abortion. Since when did parental responsability begin *after* your offspring conceives?

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