Kill them all

Speaking of terror-detention-stupidity, The Sun is evil.

If Grant Mitchell fancies actually beating Rebekah Wade to death next time she tries to slap him, I\’d happily drop my general opposition to domestic violence. Ditto my opposition to terrorism for any terrorists who fancy exploding Rupert Murdoch. Terrible, terrible cunts.

They\’re worse than Al Qaeda, even, since Al Qaeda have no power to make a blind bit of difference to anything particularly important (no, I don\’t view 5000ish deaths as important in this context: in a world with six billion people, it\’s completely fucking negligible. A major world government abandoning the rule of law is rather more serious…)

4 thoughts on “Kill them all

  1. Ryan says:

    I like this bit: “Our police forces need the time to examine these individuals as fully as possible — not set them free after a cursory once-over because the law demands it.”
    A cursory once-over takes 14 days?! The police should pull their bloody fingers out.

    Tony says that if the police say they need these powers they should have them.
    Well I need more powers too. The power to legally burn news stands when they offend me, for a start.

  2. Larry says:

    The scary bit is that it’s all too easy to imagine them saying “90 days! 90 days! How can our police possibly trudge through all those miles of evidence in just 90 days? Call our hotline now to register your support for mandatory 90 year imprisonment without trial for all terrorist so-called ‘susects'”

  3. Doormat says:

    I love to way The Sunt (thanks Larry) always prints lots of pictures of the 7/7 attacks: just so we keep the debate rational and leave emotion out of it, like. Oh, and lets forget that 90 days or 90 years detention wouldn’t have stopped that attack, as the “intelligence services” apparently fucked up and didn’t even investigate the one bomber who had crossed their radar.

    I mean, as long as we can lock up some people with brown coloured skin, I’m all for it!

  4. Justin says:

    Come on, lads. It’s just a bunch of nig nogs at the end of the day, innit. Sun readers are too busy arousing themselves to be arousing suspicion that they might be suicide bombers.

    As for putting the wind up your partner to the point he feels compelled to dial 999? Just mucking about. I’ve never hit anybody in my life but seeing how easy it is to get away with, I think I might start.

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