La haine

What the hell is going on in France? Whatever, I\’m reasonably sure that it\’s Sarkozy\’s fault – a displaced Blunkett if I ever saw one…

One thought on “La haine

  1. Pockets of endemic poverty, unemployment and alienation are going on, and they have been for twenty years. Beyond that, Sarkozy has been attempting to do some law and order grandstanding and in doing so has fanned the flames. I increasingly suspect that De Villepin and Chirac put him in that position to ensure that he shoots himself in the political foot by the time the 2007 presidential elections arrive. It looks like it’s working. Sarko should have been less complacent, ’cause Chirac remains one of the best political skulduggerers around. He’s going down, but he’s going to drag Sarko with him. Good.

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