Good decision

If you drive through puddles and splash them at people, you\’re a dickhead. And being fined £300 is frankly lenient: having your car forcibly submerged in a large tank of water would be more appropriate. Unsurprisingly, the Daily Mail [not online, sorry] disagrees and has gone off on a \”political correctness gone mad\” tangent. Fuck that: having Daily Mail readers forcibly submerged in a large tank of water would also be more appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Good decision

  1. The Venomous Lamprey says:

    You’re deliberately missing the point. From a Benthamite perspective far more
    good was done by drenching the wining workman and allowing everyone to laugh
    at him. This motorist should be praised not punished for his considerate actions.

  2. this is great. people should be punished for this. to me it is a crime

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