Evil puritanical cockbastards

Anyone who believes that banning alcohol on public transport would be a good idea should be instantly and painfully killed to death. Vile, despicable, nannying subhuman excuses for a government. I hope John Reid gets bottled to death by an army of drunks, and will happily fund the bottles for any such mission.

Incidentally, the same advice applies to all the idiots who believe that there\’s a binge drinking problem in the UK. There isn\’t. Some people like to get drunk. A smaller subset likes to have fights. Unless you live above a club, and therefore occasionally need to wear earplugs and sweep up sick of a morning (but got your house cheap in the first place for this reason, so actually you can fuck off too), their behaviour does not concern you. So fuck off and stop trying to interfere.

6 thoughts on “Evil puritanical cockbastards

  1. Matthew says:

    Do you think it applies to the Eurostar? Will the staff in the business class stand their with full champagne bottles as it enters the tunnel and then pour as it crosses half-way?

  2. Jez says:

    I don’t like the idea of a ban at all. At the same time, I hate seeing baying morons swilling cans of Stella all over the place. And yeah, this country does have a drink problem (I hate the word “binge” though – it’s become meaningless through repetition). Too many people overtly state “I’m going out tonight to get drunk” or “I really want some alcohol“.

  3. Jez says:

    Instantly AND painfully killed?

  4. Larry says:

    I agree. My question is who would enforce this shit law? Train-conductors – already the proud owners of the shittest jobs in the country have their lot made worse. Or will special alcohol-security guards travel on trains, in which case why don’t they just stop the agressive arseholes agressing rather than people drinking.

    I reckon a bit of large-scale mass-disobedience could kill this one off.

  5. PDF says:

    Well, yeah – the country’s full of alkies. But that doesn’t mean it’s full of Mad Violent Thugs Who’d Cut Your Throat Soon As Look at You. Unless you’re a Daily Mail reader, in which case you probably don’t understand the difference despite swilling a pint of sherry every day when you return from the accountancy job to your semi.

    (Barratt home, not partial hard-on.)

  6. […] I just found this post from 2005 on the Evil Alcohol Menace, with particular reference to arseholes like Boris Johnson who want to ban it on trains. I think it’s fair to say I was right then, am right now, and that all the cunts who think there’s a problem can fuck off and die. Filed under Miscellany, Drink   [link] […]

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