Ah, shut up with your Rachels

If anyone else approvingly cites Tom Gross\’s repetitive point about the PR that murdered-by-Israeli-state Rachel Corrie gets compared with assorted murdered-by-exploding-fanatics Rachels, then you have my express permission to run them over with a bulldozer.

Maniacs kill people and always will. This is sad and a problem, but fundamentally boring. However, we don\’t expect nominally civilised governments like Israel to slaughter unarmed civilians (quite why we don\’t expect Israel to slaughter unarmed civilians is less clear, but that\’s a point for another day), so it\’s interesting when they do. Why d\’you think Steve Biko gets more PR than, say, Nelson Chisale? Or come to that, why Jean Charles de Menezes gets more PR than James Adams?

Actually, I guess if you\’re the kind of person who believes that Rachel Corrie still gets PR when suicide bombing victims don\’t because everyone on the left is a crazed antisemite, you probably also don\’t understand why De Menezes gets that much attention. Sigh…

One thought on “Ah, shut up with your Rachels

  1. Matthew says:

    Indeed, or Jean Charles de Menezes and any one of the IRA’s victims in N.Ireland.

    There’s another thing to consider. Tom Gross’s argument is that ALL of the British media, so let’s say, the
    Daily Telegraph, has covered Rachel Corrie’s death more than other Rachel’s because it is anti-
    semitic. Which is oviously nonsense.

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